About Organized For You, LLC in Fort Myers

Charlene Orsine, owner

Relying on my almost 30 years of experience in a variety of administrative and project management roles in the legal and corporate worlds, I began organizing as a career in early 2015 while living just outside Chicago.  I quickly found out I had a true knack for organizing and the ability to quickly assess a space, develop a plan and start putting that plan into action. 

I absolutely love what I do and the direct impact I have in people's lives through organization. The personal satisfaction of seeing my clients go from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out to relieved and energized makes every day worthwhile.  

I am a proud member of both the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Association of Professional Photo Organizers (APPO). I am an active member in both organizations and regularly attend  conferences and classes to stay on top of industry trends and information.  This is my full-time profession and I operate a licensed and insured local small business.

My family has resided in Lee County since the late 70's when my grandparents retired here. My parents soon followed. I have vacationed and visited SWFL since I was 16, so I've seen the area develop, grow and change.  I now call Cape Coral my home.

Organized For You, LLC is based in Cape Coral and serves most of SWFL, including Fort Myers, Naples, Punta Gorda and surrounding towns. 

Organized For You, LLC in Cape Coral

Organized For You, LLC in Fort Myers

Organized For You, LLC in Punta Gorda

Organized For You, LLC in North Fort Myers

Why hire me?

I absolutely love what I do, and I believe that shows in the care and completeness I bring to every single client.


There are many reasons why someone might decide to use an organizer;  A lack of time to get something done themselves or by themselves; to recover and catch up after an absence to the task (many times that involves paper that doesn't stop coming at us!); or to handle the physicality of moving items.

Having an outsider with a clear set of eyes, and the extra set of hands can be the boost needed to take a project from barely started to finally done.


Very much like a personal trainer holds you accountable to your health and fitness goals, as your professional organizer, I hold you accountable to your to-do list and personal goals! Unlike a personal trainer though, I do help you through the task, allowing us to accomplish much more in a shorter period of time.


If you need to Get Started, Get Caught Up, & Get Things Done - you've come to the right place! I would love to hear from you.



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